Birding Washington State

Washington offers tremendous birding opportunities; the state checklist includes approximately 500 species. Scenic landscapes and habitats vary from seacoast to rainforest to rugged mountains to a semi-arid inland sea of sagebrush. This website organizes information from a variety of sources to help the traveler plan trips throughout the state.

The Birds

Seattle Audubon's Birdweb provides in-depth information about the birds of the state and where to find them. This includes in which habitats, in which regions, in which months and with what frequency each species is found. It also provides information about behavior, nesting, diet and migration and conservation status.

The Washington Ornithological Society (WOS) has much birding information including checklists, site guides and searchable newsletter archives.

Tweeters rare bird alerts cover the entire state of Washington. Recent Tweeters posts.

Recent eBird Sightings

More eBird data

Birding Trails

Great Washington State Birding Trail maps describe regional routes and include thumbnail descriptions of sites. More books and maps.

Where to Find Birds

A Birder's Guide to Washington covers the entire state and includes detailed site descriptions with good maps. This is the guide used by serious local birders. More books and maps.

Birder's Dashboard has recent sightings from eBird for Washington and its counties.