About Birding Washington

BirdingWashington.Info provides information an out-of-state birder might find useful in planning a birding trip to Washington State. An in-state birder who has not planned his or her own trips might also find this useful. It acts as a portal, or gateway, to other websites and resources. A birder who is new to this state has many wonderful resources available to learn about the birds and birding areas in the state. However, this information is scattered and there is no one website that gathers it together and provides an organized view of that information. BirdingWashington.Info attempts to do that.

I have volunteered at Seattle Audubon for many years and I am a member of WOS. My wife has served on the WOS board. However this site has no formal affiliation with Seattle Audubon, WOS, or any of the other groups to which this site links. This project is entirely of my own doing and any errors are mine alone.

Randy Robinson
Seattle, WA
info AT birdingwashington DOT info